Experience the Wilson DIFFERENCE

“With combined experience of 50 years, the Wilson family can secure all of your insurance needs with the best customer service. Come experience the Wilson DIFFERENCE.”

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Auto Insurance

It is estimated that 26% of all drivers have been involved in a car accident in the past 5 years.

Life Insurance

One third of adults in the United States carry no life insurance at all.


A survey by insurance services firm MSB showed that 68 percent of homes are under insured.

More coverage?

We also offer personal and business insurance, as well as commercial vehicle and more.

"Amazing, I had received a life insurance quote from my auto/home insurance company and it was TRIPLE the amount that I received from Wilson. The employees were very friendly and kept me informed throughout the process. All the representatives who worked on my account are fabulous. They did everything, which made the facilitation of the process effortless and thoughtless for me. They even put those little 'sign here' sticky flags which helped tremendously! " - Mary D.